SPEEDWAY - Weekly Blog

6th December 2008 – Rotorua BOP Modified Champs

Bunter was keen to get some time on this unfamiliar track but unfortunately blew his motor in the first race – he was forced to retire for the rest of the night but is looking forward to more racing here on Dec 27th.

Rosie had a good showing in all of his races that put him in the final race of 3 Modifieds for the championship. Well done Rosie on 2nd position.

22nd November 2008 – Stratford Ginge Hayward Memorial

Rosie led Team Eagle to a second equal placing for this trophy series – after committee decision he ended up with 3rd overall – a great result for Team Eagle.

15th November 2008 – Stratford

A great night’s racing for all, with an increased size field of cars to entertain the crowds. Team Eagle were regularly swapping the lead over 4 races and there was no love lost to get to the finish line first. The announcer calling them the “helter skelter trio” for the evening. Jacko made a bold overtaking manoeuver in turn 1 of race 3 to be held out by Rosie - and again grazed the wall to put the race under caution. He managed to regroup with the grid before the race got underway again.

1st November 2008

Racing cancelled due to bad weather.

25th October 2008 - Stratford

Opening night at Stratford Speedway came with the usual spring weather, heavy rain Friday night but clearing enough for Saturday night.

With only a 5 car field for the Modifieds – 3 Eagle Automotive cars (Bunter, Rosie & Merv), John “Jacko” Jackson and 1 Rotorua car, it was decided to run a 5x5 race format – 5 hot laps, reverse grid, then 5 more hot laps per race.

Race one showed the obvious different driving styles, the smooth straight lines of the Eagle cars, to the extreme sideways corner entry of Jacko’s. This proved fatal for Jacko in the final race when he rode the right rear wheel of Bunter’s car at the entry of turn 1, launching the car skywards – rolling midair and narrowly missing Rosie when he landed.

“Can’t wait for the Eagle Automotive Ltd New Zealand Champs”.