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Division & Class:Junior DragsterJunior Dragster
Engine:5hp Briggs & Stratton5hp Robin
Fastest Time:14.02814.567

Jack and Chad are entering their second season of Drag Racing. Both race in the junior section, but a new car running a 125cc motorbike engine has been bought for Jack and hopefully during this season he can get a few practice runs in to get used to a whole new set-up and Intermediate Class.

Dad Lem has been involved in Drag Racing since 1985. Street meets over the winter months started a long appreciation of this motorsport - and soon he progressed to the Wild Bunch Division, Doorslammer class. There he raced a Pontiac Firebird which was an ex ‘Scotty and the Chief' car.

Later years saw Lem scrutineering at Meremere, but for the last few seasons you can find him scrutineering and being Official Starter for Taupo Raceway. It was at Taupo that the boys first saw the number of Junior Dragsters at each meeting, and got interested in being able to race themselves. Chad was only 6 at the time, but was able to get his race license and join big brother on the track. It soon became apparent that one car shared between the 2 was not going to work - and a second car was bought.

Mum Tracy can also be found working in the pits at Taupo, so the boys have to be pretty self sufficient on race days and being able to get to the start line without too much help.

Jack managed 4th place on his First meeting, and Chad reached 3rd place in the Outlaw Drags at the end of the season. Each are looking forward to the new season and catching up with competitors and friends for another fun summer of racing.

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